Everything You Need to Know About Illegal Signage in Brampton

Published July 13, 2017 at 9:30 pm

That’s right, there are rules about those pesky signs people stick in your lawn or on nearby street light poles.

That’s right, there are rules about those pesky signs people stick in your lawn or on nearby street light poles.

Illegal promotional signs posted in your neighbourhood can be incredibly annoying. That being said, the first thing you need to know is that any signs not posted on a sign sleeve may be subject to removal and a fine under the City’s Sign By-Law.

Brampton has more than 100 black plastic sign sleeves on street light and traffic poles, where residents can legally post community signs. 

Here’s what the sleeves look like:

But wait, there are rules for using the sleeves, too:

  • You can only post one sign per sign sleeve
  • Size cannot exceed 36 cm x 43 cm (14 in x 17 in)
  • What you put up, you must take down
  • You must display the posting date on the sign

So, unauthorized signs are not allowed on roads, boulevards, traffic signals, light posts, or on any other public property, including recreation centres.

If a sign is posted illegally, the city has enforcement officers who will remove them.

The city is pretty serious about this, with exactly 46,421 illegal signs removed from 2014-2016. Further, 56 companies were convicted for using illegal promotional signs in 2016 alone, the fine for which is a maximum of $5,000.

There are a few exceptions for posting signs, though.

Real estate signs are okay – you know, the temporary “open house” and “for sale” signs – as long as there’s only one “for sale” sign up on the sale property for a maximum of 30 days, and “open house” signs are only in standing “A” shaped frames displayed only during open house hours.

Temporary election signs also fly where the property owner has given their permission. Community signs such as those for a yard sale, a lost pet, or a car for sale are also okay at designated locations throughout the city. 

To report an illegal sign, residents can call 3-1-1, or report a by-law infraction on the PingStreet app. 

For a map of sign sleeve locations and more info, click here.

Cover photo and sign sleeve photo courtesy of The City of Brampton

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