YTGA Urban Night



1065 Canadian Place Unit 104
Mississauga, Ontario

We’re back baby, and we’ve changed!

We’ve revamped our YTGA Poetry Slam into our Urban Night, an evening focused on spoken word, hip hop, rap, and movement aimed at social justice issues!

Emay Biography: Montreal-born artist Mubarik Adams, better known as Emay (pronounced like his initials), is a music producer and socially conscious hip-hop emcee who has called Hamilton home since his teens. He started rapping and producing in 2006, and hasn't stopped since. A serial collaborator, he has drawn a diverse set of collaborators into his orbit, in-studio and onstage. Emay whetted appetites with his 2014 release Sinner, Song-Writer EP, which was a potent statement of purpose and a portrait of an ambitious beatmaker and rhymesayer. In May 2016, he released “Israfil (Angels Trumpet)”, the lead track from his upcoming full length album entitled Ilah.

Twitter and Instagram: @emayarchaic

Interested in performing? Sign up by emailing us at studiooo89 [at] gmail [dot] com. Each YTGA Urban Night will incorporate a special guest performance from a local spoken word, Hip Hop or Rap artist. This month, welcome Emay! Check out his latest video here

8:30 PM - Last minute registration and sign-up
9:00 - 10:30 PM - Performances

This wonderfully free event is supported by a grant from Mississauga Arts & Culture!


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