Wills and Estates Seminar

Erindale Presbyterian Church

1560 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ontario

Regardless of your age, having a will ensures you have a plan for your estate, which will help minimize worry for those who are charged with taking care of it. It will make sure your assets go to the people or causes that are dearest to you. In this afternoon seminar, learn why a will is important (e.g. if you have a common-law partner, none of your assets go to that person unless you specify that in a will), how to minimize tax payments for those who are in charge of settling your estate, and how to protect the assets you’ve directed (e.g. so a child’s spouse does not have access to your assets if they divorce). This event, presented by OB Law Chambers, is open to the everyone. Advance registration is requested by calling 905-277-4564 or emailing erindalepc [at] rogers [dot] com. Light refreshments will be available and the registration fee is $10.


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