WalknRoll for Mito


Lake Aquitaine Park

2750 Aquitaine Avenue
Mississauga, Ontario

On September 22nd 2018, we will be hosting our 3rd annual WalknRoll 4 Mito event at Lake Aquitaine Park in Mississauga, Ontario. Our event will feature a 3km walk/run, snacks, a raffle with awesome prizes, and much more!

"Mitochondria are tiny structures inside almost every cell in the body. Their main job, is to use food and oxygen to make energy. When the mitochondria fail, less and less energy is converted within the cell. Depending on where the affected cells are, parts of the body may not work properly and many health problems can result. There is currently no cure for mitochondrial disease." for more information on mitochondrial disease, please visit our website: mitocanada.org

For more information on our event, and to register/ donate to our cause, please visit our fundraising page: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/mitocanada-foundation/p2p/walknroll4mito/

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