Voices from the Engraver

Bradley Museum

1620 Orr Road
Mississauga, Ontario

Voices from the Engraver features water colours, photos and drawings along with engraver’s tools and printing plates used in the production of bank notes and stamps.

Post a letter or buy your lunch with art? You do it every day. Experience the creative process, the technical skill and the sheer artistry that underlies every series of Canadian stamps and bank notes from concept to final product. Reproductions of original art, printing plates, tools, rare stamps, and money (lots of money) are waiting for you in this fun, informative and enriching look into the beauty and intricacy of Canadian stamps and bank notes.

Participate in our hands-on interactives, re-produce the beautifully elaborate patterns of classic bank notes and browse through a millennium’s worth of engravers and engraving history.

An exhibition produced by the Bank of Canada Museum in partnership with the Canadian Museum of History.

The exhibit runs from March 7 to May 24, 2018.

RatesRegular Admission Rates for Drop-In Guided Tours (Under 3 Free):Family: $15.00 + taxAdults: $6.00 + taxStudents: $4.80 + taxFor more information contact:museums [at] mississauga [dot] ca905-615-4860

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