Urban Gardening and Food Security Workshop


Art Gallery of Mississauga

300 City Centre Drive 1st Floor
Mississauga, Ontario

Join the AGM for a hands-on workshop lead by Ecosource. Participants will learn about how to start an urban garden, the importance of food security and sustainability, and will get to transplant and take home their own seedling while starting a garden in the gallery!

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This workshop is presented as part of the exhibition
Lisa Hirmer: In Case of Emergency, on view June 28 - August 26, 2018.

Curated by Kendra Ainsworth

Emergencies are commonly understood as sudden events that disrupt lives, spaces, habits, systems, something to prepare for or insure against. But in what feels like a precarious moment in history, there are many circumstances - climate change, social inequality - that may be considered emergencies, acting on larger scales or slower timelines. Artist Lisa Hirmer looks at the idea of emergency and our relationship to it as future event. How does the process of preparing for emergencies act in the present? How can it cause us to rethink priorities and reconsider relationships? How do our understandings of and responses to emergencies change our communities, societies and the world? Visitors are invited to think on and contribute their own perspectives on emergency in this interactive exhibition.



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