Tribute to Chinu Modi


Sampradaya Theatre

5-3250 Ridgeway Drive
Mississauga, Ontario


3-one act plays in Gujarati by award-winning playwright Chinu Modi.

Dates & Performance times

Dates: Friday Nov 8 - 8 pm * Saturday Nov 9 - 4 pm & 8 pm * Sunday Nov 10 - 4 pm 

Box Office: 

The Photographer, Hukum Maalik (Yes, Master) and Hajara Hajoor (Godess Incarnate). A poet, novelist, playwright and critic, Chinu Modi’s works explore many everyday themes and issues: lack of communication, isolation, the mechanical nature of modern life and the esoteric difference between truth and absolute truth. (Synopsis in English provided).

Directed by Naimesh Nanavaty and Shruti Shah

Produced by Nitin Sawant

Lighting by Siddhant (Sid) Sawant


Jay Bhavsar, Raina Desai, Dhruva Dwivedi, Dimpee Shah Jumani, Sunil Lariya, Moon Patel, Meeka Shah, Nishith Shah, Shruti Shah, Jimish Thakkar, Sachin Trivedi and Milan Upadhyay.


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