The Public Speaking Cure (May 30th) - CANCELLED


Dale Carnegie Training

2121 Argentia Rd
Mississauga, Ontario

Is fear of public speaking holding you back from putting yourself fully into the world. You are not alone. "Glossophobia", the fear of public speaking, is disruptive and annoying. This fear has shown to have a negative impact on wages and career promotions, and it can prevent us from engaging in social functions we want to attend. The good news? There is a cure.

Every day is an opportunity to speak our truth. The ability to truthfully in front of others is a powerful ability to have. It is possible for you to transform yourself and not allowing social doubt to find a home. Take the next step in your public speaking journey and give people the gift of being a fuller you.

In this free workshop, you'll have the opportunity to:

Practice, practice, practice.
Speak your truth in front of others
Allow others to see the real you
Earn comfort in speaking
Discover new things about yourself
Risk having a breakthrough ...

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