The Kite Runner


Living Arts Centre

4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, Ontario

A Program of Young Audiences New York
A Literature of Life stage presentation of:
The Kite Runner
by Khaled Hosseini
Performed by Sorab Wadia
Adapted and Directed by Wynn Handman
A Program of Young Audiences New York

Through the eyes of the young protagonist, Amir, the actor takes us on a heartbreaking journey of friendship and betrayal in a society of severe class division. The audience will meet upwards of eight characters, each fully realized by the virtuosic performer and explore themes including redemption and class systems.

As in the book, The Kite Runner is narrated by Amir, who is obsessed with an “unatoned sin” he committed as a well-off child in 1970s Kabul: Amir betrayed his childhood friend, servant, and kite running partner Hasan when Amir’s cowardice, and his desperate need to please his father, cause him to abandon Hasan in the face to a vicious and shocking attack by a neighborhood bully. In 2001, Amir has settled in America when he receives a call telling him: “There is a way to be good again.” He then takes a dangerous trip, on the eve of the American invasion, into Taliban-controlled Kabul.


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