Tea & Talk With Kamshuka



1065 Canadian Place Unit 104
Mississauga, Ontario

An evening of motivation & inspiration with Belinda aka Kamshuka. Come out, have some tea & lets talk. Nothing fancy or formal - just a couple of friends coming together to exchange stories, life lessons, wisdom and more.

Belinda “Kamshuka” Barrocks an award winning Photographer, Entrepreneur and Activist in the community with a passion to impact this generation with her incredible story. Recipient of the 2010 Aroni award for commitment to youth and entrepreneurship, and most recently winner of the 2014 Black Canadian Best Photographer Award. As a mentor to young girls & women, she uses inspirational discussions and round table forums to communicate the importance of knowing who you are to reach the goals ahead. She has appeared in several interviews and various articles, positively influencing and challenging youth with their dreams and passions. Her passion is driven by her story: an unconventional artist expressing her thoughts and interpreting her heart through her images and lens. She has captured the hearts of people with her art, using the combination of pictures, quotes of the heart and thoughts that are powerful. From a scared little girl during the Ugandan Civil war to a Victorious Woman, she has overcome fear in all forms, having raised up out of the memories of domestic viloence, war, to the broken teenager with no self esteem, to a mother and wife who battled with her image.Hosting Branding and Image workshops in the city of Toronto, Kamshuka continues to motivate & charge you to be the Warrior you were created to be.

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