Rock Climbing: Bouldering 101


Up The Bloc

1224 Dundas St E Unit 28
Mississauga, Ontario

This is the absolute best way to get started!

This class is designed to help you get the most out of your first day of climbing. During this 2 hour class, your instructor will guide you through a variety of techniques including footwork, hand placement, body positioning and efficient movement. You will also learn route-reading techniques and other helpful tips to get to the top.

Our class size is perfectly tailored to ensure you get personalized advice from your instructor and have lots of opportunity to ask any questions you might have throughout the day.

This class is perfect for anyone that wants to build a solid technical base to progress faster in bouldering. 

40$+HST per person includes shoes and chalk as well as a 1-week unlimited pass!
Each class includes a safety orientation, shoe and chalk rental.

Booking in advance is required.
Please visit our website - 
Give us a call - 9052722562
Send us an e-mail - climb [at] upthebloc [dot] com

Dress Code: 
athletic/gym attire 

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