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Small Arms Building

1352 Lakeshore Road
Mississauga, Ontario

CONSENT IS, Aidan Cowling, Marina Fathalla, Thompson Nguyen, Aislinn Thomas, Khanh Tudo, QTBIPOC sauga, Alize Zorlutuna

April to July 2019
Curated by Anu Radha Verma

Upcoming Event:

July 27 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Small Arms Inspection Building

Gentle Durian and artist talk with Khanh Tudo

Standing 8 feet tall, and 11 feet wide, Gentle Durian welcomes you into its soft and private interiors. Protecting you with its papier mache spiky exterior made up from Chinatown grocery store produce boxes, it is a private space to reflect on intimacy and boundaries.

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