[email protected]: More Colour, More Pride Family-Friendly Art Workshop


Online Event

123 Anywhere St
Mississauga, Ontario

Connect with colour as you create something original, together, inspired by rainbow or trans colours.

Every colour has a voice our emotions are closely connected with those colours warm colours have different emotions than cool colours and it’s the same with bright & dull colours.

Colours have a psychological effect. We will be creating geometric patterns where you are at liberty to use the colours of your choice and the geometric patters. At the end of the workshop, you can give a title to your work and interpret it in your own words. We will also interpret in-depth about each colour and its meaning.

Join us on an exciting journey of more colour more Pride with Raheel Patel.

This Workshop is co-presented by Mississauga Pride and the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s Border Crossing’s Project (with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation).

Click here to reserve your spot and view the event live! For more information, visit www.mississaugapride.ca


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