Photo Compositing; Putting More into Your Images by Rick McKenzie

Zoom Meeting

Mississauga, Ontario

As photographers we are always on the lookout for new and interesting subjects. Sometimes, you can capture an interesting background but maybe you feel that you want to add more to tell the story or at least add a little more interest. One approach is to photograph the elements separately and then blend everything together later. There are however, a few key things that are essential to make it look real. In this presentation, Rick will discuss the importance of the lighting, shadows, perspective, and colour matching in order to make the final composite look as authentic as possible.

Rick, a lifelong resident of Dundas, Ontario Canada, has had an interest in photography since he picked up his parents’ Kodak Brownie in the 1960s. Courses at Mohawk College and The Dundas Valley School of Art were his formal training. Rick uses the camera with the intention of imparting a sense of realism to the scene while the computer allows for modifications to the story, presenting the viewer with a different perspective on the familiar.

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