Partija Remi (The Gin Game)

Meadowvale Theatre

6315 Montevideo Road
Mississauga, Ontario

The play “The Gin Game” is a two-act play by Donald L. Coburn who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1978 for this play. The play will be presented to the Macedonian diaspora living in Canada by two of the most popular actors from the Drama Theatre-Skopje (Dramski Teatar- Skopje) Gjokica Lukarovski and Maja Veljkovich-Panovska. The actor Gjokica Lukarovski celebrated 40 years of his acting career with this play.

The Plot:
Is life a story of love or luck or is it just a strategy? This is what the play is all about. It is a story about two elderly residents at a nursing home for senior citizens, who strike up an acquaintance. Neither seems to have any other friends, and they start to enjoy each other’s company and begin playing a series of gin games. While playing their games of gin, they engage in lengthy conversations about their families and their lives in the outside world. Gradually, each conversation becomes a battle, much like the ongoing gin games.

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