On the Queer Screen II


Art Gallery of Mississauga

300 City Centre Drive 1st Floor
Mississauga, Ontario
The Art Gallery of Mississauga presents our second On the Queer Screen film night of the summer. Join us in this safe space as we watch and engage with films and videos captured through a queer lens. After the films, Anu Radha Verma of Qtbipoc Sauga will moderate a discussion and Q&A session with the audience!

For the privacy of our guests we have kept the event guest list hidden.

The AGM is hosting screenings of the following films courtesy of Vtape

Director: kyisha williams

This film begins to explore black/racialized/criminalized/queer/trans/ identity and its relationship to the prison industrial complex. It articulates links between interpersonal and systemic violence - while celebrating the (sexy) ways in which we survive and celebrate ourselves.

MAKING LADIES | 2010 | 08:33
Directors: Lesley Loksi Chan and Dilia Narduzzi

Allyson Mitchell is a maximalist artist working predominantly in sculpture, installation and film. Since 1997, Mitchell has been melding feminism and pop culture to play with contemporary ideas about sexuality, autobiography, and the body, largely through the use of reclaimed textile and abandoned craft.

In 2009 Allyson Mitchell's sculptural installation LADIES SASQUATCH was unleashed, both delighting and frightening viewers. This short documentary gives insightful interviews with Mitchell about the layered concepts behind her provocative work. The film weaves interviews with images of her exquisitely engaging sculptures to explore the interconnections between bodies, monsters, art and the hand-made.

FROM ALEX TO ALEX | 2006 | 06:11
Director: Alison S.M. Kobayashi

In the fall of 2003 I found a letter on the Winston Churchill Blvd QEW overpass. It was labeled From: Alex To: Alex. This is a film based on the contents of that letter.

Please be advised: this content may not be appropriate for younger viewers.
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