Mississauga Pride Short Film Watch Party


Online Event

123 Anywhere St
Mississauga, Ontario

Join us for a virtual LGBTQ2S+ Film Watch Party of iconic films featuring LGBTQ2S+ BIPOC individuals on the big screen.
This week we’re featuring these powerful Canadian short films in successive order:

  • Second Stories - Deb-we-win Ge-ken-am-aan, Our Place in the Circle by Lorne Olson
  • Beauty by Christina Willings
  • Long Time Comin’ by Dionne Brand

Second Stories, Lorne Olson’s short documentary presents a vision he had of two-spirited people dancing, laughing, and smiling. His vision spurs him to rediscover the strength of the past to better face the challenges of today. This funny and buoyant film documents his touching journey.

Beauty explores the lives of five gender-creative kids, each uniquely engaged in shaping their own sense of what it means to be fully human. Whether it’s dealing with bullies, explaining themselves to their parents, or navigating the uncharted waters of relationships, Bex, Lili, Fox, Tru and Milo talk about their experiences and struggle to live in authenticity.

Long Time Comin’

There is a cultural revolution going on in Canada and Faith Nolan and Grace Channer are on the leading edge. These two African-Canadian lesbian artists give back to art its most urgent meanings—commitment and passion. Grace Channer’s large and sensuous canvasses and musician Faith Nolan’s gritty and joyous blues propel this documentary into the spheres of poetry and dance. Long Time Comin’ captures their work, their urgency, and their friendship in intimate conversations with both artists.

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