Mentor College's 14th Annual Celebration of Cultural Diversity


Mentor College

40 Forest Avenue
Mississauga, Ontario

Students from all divisions of Mentor and TEAM join together in one of our largest school wide events: The Celebration of Cultural Diversity! The NS gym of the main campus is transformed into a multicultural extravaganza - including music, food, dance, and celebration! Led by the students in the high school division, all students in the school partake in the event, either as performers, pavilion guides, visitors, or executive members.
This year’s show will open at 5:30 PM on Wednesday February 15th and will have 36 pavilion exhibits containing artifacts and food and drink from 36 different countries. In addition, there will be stations for visitors to have their names written in different scripts and henna tattoos drawn on their arms. Performances on the main stage will begin at 7:00 PM.

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