Juried Artists

Celebration Square

300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, Ontario

The world is in a constant state of flux and change. With this theme - everything is always falling apart / everything is always coming together - artists were asked to explore this idea as a part of the ongoing Art on the Screens series.

Untitled by Jimmy Limit
Like an absurd commercial this work is based on temporary sculptural assemblages that layers licensed stock music, references various genres of film and TV like thrillers, westerns and game shows. This creates a composition that is both familiar but strange, forcing a pause and re-evaluation by the viewer.

St. Catharines-based artist Jimmy Limit uses photography and video to explore the tension between image and object. Adopting the language of commercial photography and advertising he creates highly graphic compositions that are both familiar and strangely illegible, causing the viewer to question the motives of the imagery.

Fleeting Glimpses #1 by Kirk Clyne
A series of generative artworks that deliver a continuous stream of creative expression. Visual compositions command and go, each one a product of chance that can never be experienced again.

Kirk Clyne is an emerging artist based in Toronto, working primarily in code-based, generative digital media. His practice involves writing software that relies heavily on random chance to create ever changing images, animations and music from a handful of ingredients. He develops each piece in a process of collaboration with the computer, similar to an improvised musical duet, where unanticipated results can unveil surprising new creative direction to explore. In his commercial career, Kirk leads the creative team at Art & Science, a digital experience design agency.

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