JANE'S WALK: YIMBY (Yes, in my Backyard) in Cooksville, Mississauga

Cooksville Parkette

Hurontario and Dundas
Mississauga, Ontario

The late urbanist Jane Jacobs was a pioneer in the way North American society, and the world in general, thought about living in cities. She was about preserving urban areas from “slum clearance”, most notably known for opposing the Spadina Expressway in Toronto that would have demolish existing neighbourhoods in favour of more expressways through downtown Toronto.

Although she passed away in 2006, Jacobs’ legacy inspired what has been known for years as “Jane’s Walk”: free, locally organized walking tours, in which people get together to explore, talk about and celebrate their neighbourhoods. Where more traditional tours are a bit like walking lectures, a Jane’s Walk is more of a walking conversation. Leaders share their knowledge, but also encourage discussion and participation among the walkers.

In the month of May, Mississauga plays host to a number of Jane’s Walks around various areas of the city. One of which will be in the what some people dubbed “the real downtown of Mississauga”, Cooksville. Billed as “YIMBY: Yes in my Back Yard” it has been billed as “a speculative walk of the Mississauga that was, the Mississauga that is, and the Mississauga that will be.

The walk leader is Shawn Micallef, who is the author of two books: “Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto” and “Full Frontal TO” (was nominated for the 2013 Toronto Book Award), a weekly columnist at the Toronto Star, and a senior editor and co-owner of the independent, Jane Jacobs Prize-winning magazine Spacing.

The walk will start when everybody meets at the southeast corner of Hurontario and Dundas, by the newly built Cooksville Parkette

If you’re interesting in exploring parts of Mississauga and learning some interesting stories about its neighbourhoods and a little history, then this Jane’s Walk is for you!

Dress Code: 
None, but there might be flurries so dress appropriately! 

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