Habitual 5th Anniversary party


Habitual Fitness and Lifestyle

3611 Mavis Road
Mississauga, Ontario

It's Habitual Fitness and Lifestyle 5th Anniversary and we are celebrating in a big way. Invite your friends, family, neighbours, and come check us out. We are having free classes from 8am-4pm, a Tae Kwon Do show at 5pm and free BBQ for lunch time. There will be raffle prizes in each class and your ballot is participation in the class. We have a baby sitting area for the kids so why not drop your kids here and try a class. If classes aren't your thing then drop by for a free workout. 

8am: Yoga
9am: Yoga
10am: Mobility 
12pm: Bootcamp
1pm: Bootcamp
2pm: Bootcamp
3pm: Zumba 
4pm: Socacize
5pm: Tae Kwon Do Demonstration


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