Go for the Goal: 6 v 6 Charity Soccer Tournament


UTM Helping Hands and UTM Global Brigades are working together to bring you this exciting 6v6 mens’ soccer tournament! 

Create a team, lace up and compete for a $1250 Grand Prize!! 

Sign up today with your team at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/university-of-toronto-go-for-the-goal-6-v-6-charity-soccer-tournament-tickets-32160420684 


Early Bird: 299.99 Per Team (Expires March 4th, 2017)
A maximum of ten players per team 
The tournament is open to all men above the age of 16
The tournament is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is not limited to students enrolled at the University of Toronto!!
3 Games of competitive round robin soccer guranteed!
A total of 16 teams will participate in the tournament.

Contact Yousef Rassas @ (905) 783 - 4496 or at yousef [dot] rassas [at] mail [dot] utoronto [dot] ca for more information!!

Make sure you purchase your tickets as soon as possible as there are limited quantities available.



UTM Helping Hands

UTM Helping Hands works with communities and volunteers to implement and deliver:

Medical & Dental: Mobile healthcare clinics in rural communities, with students shadowing doctors and dentists. Along with programs to develop resident community health workers and patient referral systems.

Microfinance: Help finance disadvantaged youth in our local community's transition into a successful career at the University of Toronto. This year, we were capable of providing a learning center for Syrian refugees to learn the English language and adapt to the Canadian culture. 

Local Community Sponsorship: Providing financial funding and volunteers to lend a helping hand to local orphanages. 

Engineering: Design of large-scale water projects, mapping of piped systems to each home and determining water sources.

Water: Implementation of large-scale clean water projects with trained water committees to maintain.

Environmental: Tree planting through a permaculture method and building of sustainable agriculture gardens.

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UTM Global Brigades

UTM Global Brigades works with under-resourced communities in order to help them meet any health and economic needs. This goal is achieved through volunteers who go into these communities as a team, where they personally help these communities meet their needs. Volunteers get to shadow local and foreign health professionals in mobile medival clinics, learn how to utilize an electronic medical records system, Open MRS, to assist in tracking patient progress, and build sanitation systems in these communities. 

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Our website: http://utmgb.sa.utoronto.ca/

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