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The Erindale Academy

1576 Dundas St W
Mississauga, Ontario

The goal of the Global Youth Challenge is to inspire students around the world to reflect, think, and consider how the COVID19 pandemic has affected the world. Your voice is needed now, more than ever. Let’s begin to heal the world. This competition is for youth ages 14-19. 

Writing and speaking contest consists of a 300-500 word essay or visual artwork and a video.

Each entry to the contest will consist of an essay or piece of visual art produced by a current school student, that looks at the effects of COVID-19 through the lens of a subject like mathematics, art, history, business, and science.

For example, a participant who looks at COVID-19 from a historical viewpoint can make a comparison of the epidemics throughout history and how COVID-19 has changed history. An art lover can create a piece of artwork, write about it, and present his/her ideas about the impacts of COVID-19 on humanity as a whole. A student who is interested in business studies can show his/her thoughts on the consequences of COVID-19 as well as solutions during and after the pandemic to businesses and the entire economy of his/her country and the world. Students interested in sciences can illustrate their thinking of medical solutions to helping prevent the spread of the virus.

1st Place Winner (one): $500 CAD, Certificate of Distinction
2nd Place Winners (five): $200 CAD, Certificate of Distinction
3rd Place Winners (ten): $100 CAD, Certificate of Distinction
Top 25% students: Free Online Leadership Class

The Top 25% of students will be eligible to win a $25,000 scholarship (provided by The Erindale Academy), which can be used over a 4-year period at The Erindale Academy. Transcripts must be submitted. Minimum GPA required.
Top 25% will also receive a Certificate of Distinction with their names posted on this website.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation

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