Get Better Results On LinkedIn: A Practical Workshop


Studio 89

1065 Canadian Place, Unit 104
Mississauga, Ontario

Imagine you're at a networking event, and meet your ideal client, business partner or employer. Next morning, this person looks you up on LinkedIn to find out more about you. 

Now ask yourself: would they be impressed with what they see there, or disappointed? In this one-hour workshop, Carl Friesen, founder of Thought Leadership Resources, will share some practical steps you can take now, towards building a LinkedIn profile that showcases your expertise and knowledge in your field. You'll learn:

* How LinkedIn Posts can help you spread your ideas to your connections, and further
* The importance of adding visual content to your profile, and how to do it
* Crafting a description and summary that are effective
* How to participate in Groups to learn, and build relationships

Carl Friesen has presented many workshops on LinkedIn and how business professionals can use it to attract clients, search for work, and demonstrate expertise. By the session's end, you'll have some practical ideas on how to make your LinkedIn profile more productive for you. As a bonus to this session, you'll have access to Carl's free weekly resource on how to demonstrate thought leadership.

Registration is required for this FREE workshop. 

This wonderfully free event is supported by a grant from Mississauga Arts & Culture!

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