Gelda 40TH Anniversary


Gelda Scientific & Industrial Development

6320 Northwest Dr,
Mississauga, Ontario

Gelda Scientific and Gelda Foods

Corporate office in Mississauga, Ontario - next to Toronto Airport

Gelda's Company motto - "Your Growth is our Growth"

"QUOTE"- Dr Gelda believed that if a person has a strong drive and will,  he can definitely achieve his goals although he may face many challenges while trying to achieve that and have many obstacles to overcome. But that person should not be afraid to follow his or her goals.


Dr Chater Sen Gelda: President/CEO. Born in Udaipur, India, July 25, 1924, to Shobha Lal & Najar Bai Gelda. Received a BSc (Dairy Tech) degree from Allahabad University in 1948, MSc (Dairy Tech) from University of Minnesota (UofM) in St Paul in 1958 and PhD (Food & Dairy Tech) from U of M in 1963.

Managing director of Milk & Creamery Services Ltd. Jaipur from 1948 - 55; 

Colombo Plan fellow with Cooperative Milk Producers Association in Sydney, Australia from 1955 - 56; 

Director of Research & Technology, Dairy & Food Division of Borden Company lld. In Toronto, ON form 1964 - 78 

President of Gelda Scientific & Industrial Development Corp in Mississauga since 1978. 

He married Kusum on June 15 1943. They have three children, Meena, Arvind & Mukesh.

40 years ago Dr Gelda started his business and today his dreams had been realized. His company does business in more than 18 countries. (USA, GREECE, SOUTH AFRICA, BARBADOS, MIDDLE EAST, AUSTRALIA, PHILIPPINES, SLOVAKIA, IRELAND, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, CHINA, PAKISTAN)

For a life dedicated to bringing technological changes in the food industry and for developing many many new and innovative food products, he received the lifetime/outstanding award at the ICCC annual awards & Gala in 1986, he was also awarded Canadian Excellence Gold Award for his work in the field of technology transfer and was recognized in Who's  who in Ontario.

In 2017 Gelda has expanded its facilities to 90,000 sq feet that includes state of the art storage system and freezers.

Gelda Scientific- was founded in 1978 as an R&D company with a focus on developing new and innovative food products and technologies. Dr Gelda was one of the first to introduce probiotic products in Canada in the 1980s plus he also was instrumental in launching the first Lactose-Free milk in the Canadian market.

Today the company continues to grow under the leadership of Arvind Gelda, Mukesh Gelda, Jaimala Gelda, Yuklin Gelda and Anuradha Gelda.

GELDA LAB - ISO accredited laboratory

The laboratory division provides a wide range of services ranging from Microbial & Chemical analysis, nutritional labelling, GMP consulting, health & Safety consulting & R&D consulting.  At present, our labs service more than 400 clients.

Gelda Pharmaceuticals :

Our GMP manufacturing facility produces NHP products in a variety of dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, liquid & powders.

Probiotics Products: Tablets, Capsules & Bars for Health & Wellness

Renadyl - Probiotics for Kidney health

Lacteeze Lactase Products: Tablets, Drops, Bulk Lactase (for people who cannot digest Dairy)

Nutraceutical Products for Cholesterol and Blood pressure management, Psyllium & Ginseng

GELDA HEALTH AND BEAUTY- After many years of research & Development, Gelda group has launched its own brand in for Skin & Haircare line of beauty product, using the highest standard of ingredients that are 100% natural and are suitable for skin and hair types

Gelda Foods:

Gelda Foods was a division that was developed from scratch to one of the largest food distributions was driven under the direction of Jaymala and Kesh Gelda, it’s their vision and direction that has made Gelda Food Products available in all major Grocery chains across Canada and soon in the USA. Manufacturers, importer & distributes a wide range of more than 1200 quality food products. Gelda was the first to introduce Mango Ice cream, Paneer and Ghee in the Canadian market.

Gelda products all available in all major supermarkets across Canada, Indian groceries, restaurants, banquet halls, hotels and airlines.

Gelda quality products are available on the grocery shelf and pharmacy under the following brands:

Noor, Casablanca,  Desi-licious, Baba, Divya, Arjun and Lacteeze

Food products includes; Basmati Rice, Flour, Spices, Mango Puree, Frozen vegetables, Parathas, Ready to eat dinner entrees, tropical juices, butter ghee, vegetable ghee, vegetarian cheese (Rennet & Pepsin Free), Paneer, Flat Breads, Cocktail Samosas, Vegetarian Eggless bakery line - Pound cakes, cookies, date pastry, cake rusk, para and more. In 2017 Gelda launched the Desi-licious Indian style Kulfi that is now available in 7 flavours across Canada- Mango, malai, pista, Faluda, Chai, Paan,  and Coconut. We continue to expand our product lines.

Future of Gelda:  Anuradha, Arjun and Krishna Gelda

The 3rdgeneration (Anuradha, Arjun and Krishna) is ready to take over the rains and will take the company to the next level. Anuradha, Master in digital marketing and photography and looks after International purchasing, Arjun has honours business degree and his expertise is in marketing and brand development and Krishna is in the process of finishing his Masters in Food Safety.

Gelda's future plans are to expand in the area of health and wellness and International markets.



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