Do you want to change your children's life forever this holiday season?


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Happy Holidays!
The holidays are just around the corner! What to give your children for Christmas is the question you are probably asking currently.
Change their life forever: Register them to our Bilingual (Fr/En) Robotics, Coding & Math Saturdays
We are currently accepting registration for our 2020 Winter sessions which will run from January 18 till March 21, 2020.
For Toddlers we offer: from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm 10 sessions for $465.00 + HST
* Introduction to robotics (with and without screen)
* Introduction to science and engineering (Robot Engineer (tm))
* Coding (with and without screen, Code a pillar(tm) Lego(tm) coding train)
* Math tutoring using the Canadian Curriculum, Lego (tm) Math train, Math Puzzle
* Building with Lego (tm) and motorized Lego (tm)
* Developing logical thinking with Puzzle
* For Elementary and High School students we offer 10 sessions for $550.00 + HST
* Introduction to robotics using Lego(tm) Wedo 2 (For children 6 till 10 years old/possibility to go to international robotics contests such as Lego First Robotics )
* Advanced Robotics using EV3 Mindstorms and EZ Robots (for children 11 till 18 years old)
the EZ robots curriculum teaches real robotics concepts to your children, they will learn about servo programming and geometry, artificial intelligence, how can robots move and multitask.
* Coding: HTML,Python, Scratch, and also with our partner Educode Canada (
* Math tutoring using the Canadian Curriculum and the Kumon approach to deepen your children’s math skills, Lego (tm) Math Puzzle, Math drill (test preparation for college and university/ possibility to go to international math contests)
* One to one Math tutoring is available with an extra $350.00 + HST
3 time slots are available for elementary and high school children:
9:00 am till 11: am (elementary school children)t
11:00 am till 1:00 pm (High School children)
3:15 pm till 5:15 pm (Elementary school children)
Your children will thank you!
Only a few more spots are available
Your children will thank you!
Visit our website to register today.
contact us : buddinggenius [at] buddinggeniuscm [dot] com
We are looking Forward to hearing from you!

Budding Genius Central Mississauga
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