Discover Your Sustainable Corporate Landscape


Credit Valley Conservation - Online Event

1255 Old Derry Rd
Mississauga, Ontario

Learn how to build business resilience with sustainable landscaping

Join Credit Valley Conservation’s Deborah Kenley for a short but informative introduction to building resilience on your corporate property with sustainable landscaping.

In this 30-minute lunchtime webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why thinking about sustainable landscaping now is important for the future.
  • The differences between sustainable and conventional landscaping.
  • The financial, social and environmental benefits of making the switch.
  • How sustainable landscaping projects can add beauty to corporate properties.
  • How to get started with your own project.

A live Q&A period will follow the presentation.

Participants with properties in the Credit River Watershed will receive our Greening Corporate Grounds sustainable landscaping package featuring a vision planning guide and native plant lists.

This webinar was designed for business leaders, corporate property managers, sustainability or green team leaders, and representatives of organizations and places of worship.

About the speaker
Deborah Kenley is a sustainable landscaping design professional and the Senior Coordinator of CVC’s Greening Corporate Grounds program. Greening Corporate Grounds helps businesses and institutions build resilience and long-term social and environmental value through sustainable landscaping. To learn more, visit or sign up for our newsletter the Green Brief.

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