Crystals Basic - Level 1


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Crystals are mother Earth's beautiful gift to us. They are transformers (they change energy from negative to positive), healers, activators, cleansers, and balancers. They can change the vibrational frequency and patterns of our conscious awareness and help us connect to higher vibrations and beings. Used for thousands of years, Crystals provide deeper connections, enlightenment and healing.

Crystal Healing is an alternative or complementary energy healing technique or modality that uses crystals as healing tools. As crystals are natural tools for healing, many health practitioners and holistic healing therapists use them to accelerate their own methods. They have no side effects and they provide the cells of your body with the necessary energy that is vital for raising your vibration and repairing or maintaining health.

Learn more about Crystals in our IPHM-accredited Basic and Advanced Crystals courses.

Crystals Level 1:

  • What are crystals
  • Crystal uses
  • Crystal forms
  • Crystal mineral categories
  • Choosing a crystal
  • Cleansing and charging a crystal
  • Programming Crystals
  • Wearing crystals

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