Contemplative Design: Speaking to Ancestors through Sacred Object Creation

Event location: Glass Pavillion, Mississauga Celebration Square

Contemplative Design: Speaking to Ancestors through Sacred Object Creation

Using a process that we call Contemplative Design*, together we connect through ceremony. Participants will be guided on an energetic journey of time travel, meditative creation process, and opportunities for intentional connection to ancestors and ancestral lands through the process of designing a sacred healing object.

Together we will cultivate sacred space, share ancestral wisdom through the power of object, and use our sacred healing objects as a tool to lovingly communicate with the ancestors of our past, in order to support our experiences in the present. We will also collectively create a time capsule filled with sacred healing objects that participants create along with messages to communicate with our future selves and future generations. We close the ceremony with planting the time capsule and a short sacred sound session. Collectively dreaming through heart + spirit.

*Contemplative Design process and term created by MeLisa Moore of HDV/SOMA. Holistic Design Village is a segment of SOMA Ayurveda + Integrative Wellness

5:30 PM registration and refreshments 
6:00 PM to 8:30 PM workshop 
*Please note event location: Glass Pavillion, Mississauga Celebration Square 

Facilitator Bios
MeLisa (Jet Feather) Moore is the co-founder and co-director of Soma Ayurveda and Integrative Wellness. She is an integrative health and wellness practitioner, Earth-based medicine woman, facilitator, writer, multi-disciplinary designer/inventor and sacred sound musician. Her work is rooted in the intersectionality of spirituality, futurism, synergetics, traditional healing practices, racial-economic equity and unity, and Transpersonal + Buddhist Psychology. She is also a researcher/designer of alternative education and economic models and loves using design and STEM for social entrepreneurship development. Her life, root Tibetan master guides, Peruvian Elders, her West African + Cherokee ancestors, Mother Earth, animal allies, main collaborator nisha ahuja, and former classroom students, along with many others, have been invaluable supports in her journey and development. She loves to support people in going deep in their healing and spiritual journeys along with re-uniting people with their gifts and personal power. She does this through Deep Racial Healing Coaching, Spiritual Healing Guidance, Earth-based Energy Work, Therapeutic Sound, Creative Coaching, and Shamanic Healing. MeLisa (Jet) is author of Love Notes to Everyone: Healing Contemplations for Deeper Living, Loving, and Liberation and children's book Adventures of Bun Bun: Design, Play, Meditate.

nisha has supported hundreds with Ayurvedic Medicine + Bodywork, Therapuetic Yoga, Attmic Energy Healing + Reiki, Sound Healing, ancestral healing, creative movement + theatre creation, and a range of wellness and equity-centered workshops. nisha is co-director of Soma Ayurveda + Integrative Wellness, a social enterprise for wellness, education + equity, co-founded alongside MeLisa (Jet) Moore who has contributed to nisha's spiritual journey and understandings of social equity immensely. nisha is graduate of the Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing (Toronto) and York University Theatre and International Development (Toronto), and has trained in a Reiki (Master Level) with Varsha & Ravi Hooja (Bombay), Attmic Healing with Manav Ji Sahaj (India), and Yogic Medicine at Swami Vivekanada Ashram (Bangalore India). As a theatre artist nisha has worked internationally and her plays include Yoga Cannibal, Un-Settling (Canadian Theatre Review, January 2016), Cycle of a Sari (excerpt in Refractions: Solo, Playwright Canada Press, 2014), and 30 People Watching co-written with Amelia Sargisson (ReView: an anthology of plays committed to social justice, 2016). nisha's practice is dedicated to dissolving the boundaries between art, traditional medicines, ceremony and spirituality, and social equity and believes healing practices are revolutionary and fundamental to our collective liberation.


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