Claim Your Voice: Writing Workshop



1065 Canadian Place Unit 104
Mississauga, Ontario
5-week Summer Creative Writing Course the “voiceless” write, what do they say?In a fast-paced world inundated with images and videos, it’s hard for words to compete. This is especially true for people who mainstream society (i.e., those who speak over us) claim are voiceless.This course will combat the feeling of drowning alone in silence and help you stop being silenced, by teaching techniques that will help you connect with people through painting vivid mental pictures using words. Taking into account how the human brain processes language, we will examine how to make word choices to let people experience new realities through our writing.Bring a laptop or notebook, and any creative writing project idea you want to work on (ex. short story, personal narrative, poetry, spoken word, etc). Each week we will learn new skills, and work in groups to develop and improve our projects.Course Dates: Every Tuesday from 7-9pm, August 1st-August 29thCost: $65 for all five weeks, or PWYC.100% of the proceeds from this workshop will go to developing a Writer’s Resource Centre for the Studio.89 community to use (that means you!).Register: in person while you’re grabbing a delicious, fair-trade coffee at Studio.89!About the Instructor: Ishara Deen is the author of God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems, an award-winning Copywriter, a Resume Writer, and former freelance journalist with The Mississauga News. She studied Professional Writing and Communications at UofT Mississauga, is a graduate of World Literatures and Cultures at the University of Ottawa, and has developed numerous additional writing skills, including taking story building workshops with book coach, Brian Henry, and comedy writing courses at The Second City.*This course especially welcomes BIPOC, LGBTQA+, people with disabilities (including non-neuronormative participants), people who speak English as a second, third, fourth, etc. language, people of various intersectionalities, and anyone who feels underrepresented in mainstream conversations. Feel free to contact the instructor (hello [at] isharadeen [dot] com) to help her understand how to make this a safe, supportive environment for you. 

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