Canada 150 Special presentation of Our Night Sky


Maja Prentice Theatre

3650 Dixie Road
Mississauga, Ontario

“Our Night Sky" is a new, multi-media, multi-cultural, 50-minute show for young audiences of all ages. A young girl tells the story of her imaginary journey through the night sky using world legends and new music.

Created, produced and performed by the JUNO AWARD nominated Chamber Music Society of Mississauga (CMSM) and conducted by Denis Mastromonaco, two special Canada 150,free admission performances of "Our Night Sky" will be presented on Monday July 3 at 3 pm and 7 pm.

On stage, a young girl tells the story of her imaginary journey through the night sky accompanied by a chamber ensemble of percussion, keyboard, synthesizer, violin, cello, harp, flute, Chinese flute, Carnatic violin, and bibi’gwun (First Nations Flute). Our Night Sky features a new narrative about the night sky, created by CMSM Artistic Director, Peggy Hills; new music by Mississauga composer, Michael Coghlan, young Mississauga actors/singers, Camille Labonte  and Elise Meriah, and members of the Chamber Music Society of Mississauga 

Peggy Hills, Artistic Director of The Chamber Music Society, in consultation with an artistic and scientific collaboration of a First Nations professional performer and composer, a South Asian Carnatic violinist, a Chinese virtuoso musician, an astronomer from Royal Astronomical Society of Mississauga and two Canadian actors, created the narrative for "Our Night Sky". A new musical score composed by Mississauga composer Michael Coghlan supports the narrative and it incorporates many musical styles including electronic/digital, classical, world and improvised. On stage, will be a narrator, young singers, 10 musicians, with a conductor, projected sky images on screens behind, above and around the concert hall, and special lighting effects.

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