Build A Speaking Program That Boosts Your Profile



1065 Canadian Place Unit 104
Mississauga, Ontario

Is "Get more speaking engagements" on your to-do list? So, how many have you done recently?

If getting public speaking gigs is important for promoting your cause, your organization or your professional expertise, attend this workshop. Frequent public speaker and published author Carl Friesen will share the ways and means he’s learned in arranging and giving over 100 public presentations across the USA and Canada -- New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Reno, Cleveland, Vancouver and Ottawa as well as the GTA.

In this three-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:
* Understand what meeting organizers are looking for, and how to increase your likelihood of getting booked
* Develop a topic for your speech that will get your ideas across, without sounding like a sales pitch
* Find organizations offering speaking venues that attract your ideal audience members
* "Sell" your presentation idea to the right person
* The importance of ‘creative persistence’ in following up (and why many would-be speakers fail to get the gig)

This is a WORKshop, not entertainment. You’ll be asked to do some good hard thinking. But by the end, you’ll have the start of an implementation plan you can put to work the next day. This will be an interactive presentation, in which you'll learn not just from the presenter but from other participants. As a bonus to this session, you'll have access to Carl's free weekly resource on how to demonstrate thought leadership. Learn more about Carl & Thought Leadership Resources!

Registration is required - $10/person

Find registration info here.


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