Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Weekend



3900 Grand Park Dr
Mississauga, Ontario

Our mission at the UFC GYM is to empower the fighting spirit that allows all of our team members to take on any personal and professional challenge. Our unique facility combines traditional fitness with functional fitness and martial arts training. Through world-class coaching we find a way for our members to become the best version of themselves by combining these three types of training. At our core, we are promoters of human potential. We offer great classes such as DUT (Daily Ultimate Training - boot camp style), Kickboxing, Boxing and as well as Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and much more.

On Saturday and Sunday Oct 21-22, the UFC Gyms across North American will be opening up it’s door to the community and supporters of Cancer Awareness.

In Mississauga, we will be waving our usual $20 per class fee for non-members and asking for a donation.

All proceeds benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Full Weekend Schedule - Participants may attend any class or more than one class:


10 am Daily Ultimate Training

12 noon Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (No Gi)

1pm MMA

2pm Matrx

2pm Youth BJJ (no Gi)

3pm Stretching for Performance


10am Daily Ultimate Training

2pm Kickboxing Conditioning

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