Blueheel Islands Showcase


Lakeshore Convention Centre

806 Southdown Rd
Mississauga, Ontario

Ooh Bahama Mama! Everything islands is coming your way, so get ready for the “Breezin’ in da Islands” showcase, which will feature lots of latin and ballroom dancing, bright, colourful costumes, island mocktails, dance shows and more. From Jamaica to Trinidad, Aruba to Dominican, we be drawing on a little Calypso, Reggae and island beats to spice up our dance. So take your tango to the islands, add a dash of reggae to your rumba, and we be waltzing to a whole new tune!

Blueheel Dance Studio’s Breezin’ in da Islands Showcase is one of many shows put on in the past 14 years. It’s a fun, relaxed event with plenty of latin and ballroom dancing, as mentioned above, as well as good food and great company. It is an event that allows our students to show you and their loved ones what they’ve learned with us, and we’d love for you to join us in what will definitely be a great night!


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