Bhangra & Gidda In The 6ix

Living Arts Centre

4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, Ontario

“Bhangra & Gidda in the 6ix”, Toronto’s very own Bhangra & Gidda Competition presented by “Shaan Punjab Dee”! “Bhangra & Gidda in the 6ix” is a dance competition that focuses on promoting culture and folk dances, Bhangra & Gidda to youth in the GTA. We provide a platform for enthusiastic dancers of all ages, races, creed and gender to participate in a competitive cultural event in which they not only learn some important soft skills and be immersed in their culture. Additionally, we also act as a marketing avenue allowing businesses with the opportunity to connect with the community. We invited teams across North America to come and showcase their talent for Punjab’s beloved art.

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