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Mississauga, Ontario

Opportunity beckons in the new year, as we present the BATTLE ARTS RUMBLE, featuring a “Rumble” style Battle Royal with the winner receiving a future championship match! 

Mike Dorosti is once again the Heavyweight Champion after defeatingRandy Reign last month, and landlord Pasquale di Papa is none too pleased. Surely his men, Randy Reign included, will be competing in the Rumble Match with a chance to secure another shot at Dorosti’s title.

Nick Wildey was brutally defeated last month by Buck Gunderson in the blood-stained Kendo Challenge match after months of torment at the hands of The Compound. Will Wildey find himself in the ring with his tormenters again during the Rumble match? What maniacal plans does Buck Gunderson have now? 

Also on the previous show, Anthony Carelli announced that a Tag Team Championship tournament would begin in February, much to the delight of Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague who were in the ring demanding a title opportunity. With several teams such as Clan Freedom, Ray Bernardo’s Kingdom Kome (Randy Bynoe & DJ) and Guns & Giggles slated for the Rumble match, these pairs will have to remember that there can only be one winner! 

All of your favourite #RisingStars will be in the Rumble match including The British Brawler (Ad Hutchinson), The Latin Lover, James Runyan, Bolo Fung, T.O. & many more! You never know who may enter the Rumble! 

Tickets are $20 and are available now at Battle Arts Academy

Please visit for more! 

See you in the arena!!!

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