August 2 In 1 Market



1065 Canadian Place Unit 104
Mississauga, Ontario

Not your average community market, this 2-in-1 reminds us of what being part of a community is all about. 

One part, miniature market for vendors of all kinds of handmade, natural and upcycled goods. The other, a free clothing swap for us to clear out & refill our closet without spending a dime. 

We’re even collecting those treasured pieces that have seen their last day! In collaboration with Textile Waste Diversion & Zero Waste Mississauga, we’ll be accepting those apparel pieces that can longer be donated! Broken shoes, bags, belts - you name it, we’ll take it! 

Why? Because textiles should be recycled - NOT trashed! 

This month’s vendors include: 
Tight-Knit Syria
Strokes & Passion
& more to come! 

If you are a vendor & want to reserve a table, please email us at beawesome [at] studio89 [dot] org for more information. 

Clothing Swap Rules! 
1. Gather your nicest gently used items (swapworthy ideas: clothing, accessories, jewelry*, shoes, perfume, etc.) 
2. Make sure your donations are in good condition (laundered, ironed, etc.) 
3. Drop your donation off at Studio.89 during market hours (1 - 5 PM) 
4. Items will be displayed for browsing and ‘shopping’ during the event 
5. Fill a bag & go home with great new looks! 
6. Anything not swapped at the end of the night will be donated. 

*for hygienic reasons, earrings will not be accepted.

Find more info here. 

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