24 Hour Gaming Marathon to Support Sick Kids Hospital


Dicey Business

6905 Millcreek Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario

Dicey Business Escape Room and Board Game Cafe are teaming up with local board game design company BSGames to have a 24-hour board game marathon to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital.
The event runs from 9am Saturday, November 2nd until 9am Sunday, November 3rd. A member of BSGmes will be there playing for the full 24 hours! Come by and see how he’s doing, play some games, have some food. You can win prizes by beating the BSGames team at their own games!
The event was conceived by Extra-life.org who raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. All money donated at this event will go to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.
More information can be found here:


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