Dump truck convoy heads off from Mississauga and Brampton to protest wages and working conditions


A convoy of dump trucks that began along the Mississauga and Brampton border has arrived at Queen’s Park in Toronto as drivers protest low wages and other working conditions.

The drive along the 400 series of highways and the QEW caused major traffic congestion during the morning’s rush hour.

As more than 200 trucks gathered this morning at Derry and Dixie Rds. to prepare for their voyage, the independent owners of the vehicles complained that while their costs continue to rise, the money they get paid hasn’t kept pace. They say they do so even though customers demand that they illegally overload their trucks and are threatened with no more work if they don’t comply.

The drivers say they are the ones who face the penalties if they are caught with the heavy loads. As well, they say the excess weight damages their vehicles.

Several drivers called for customers, who include those who operate construction sites, to come to the table and negotiate new payment fees and ways to control how big of a load they are expected to carry.

They are also complaining about new Provincial legislation that will force them to retrofit their vehicles at a cost of up to $30,000.

Ontario 511 photo

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