Downtown Project Moves Ahead with “Main Street Mississauga”


Published March 10, 2013 at 9:05 pm

Downtown Project Moves Ahead with “Main Street Mississauga”

This week, City Council passed a bylaw establishing a Community Improvement Project Area in Downtown Mississauga’s ‘Main Street’ district.  The area is identified as a key focus for development in the Downtown21 Master Plan, the City’s vision for a more vibrant, walkable, urban downtown. 

The centrepiece of the district will be a new Main Street to link Square One Shopping Centre in the north with the established residential area south of Burnhamthorpe Road West.  The district is bounded in the west by Duke of York Boulevard and in the east by Kariya Drive.

“Every City needs a Main Street – a public place where anyone can go and feel at home,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and CAO.  “Now is the time to build on all the planning we’ve done and partnerships we’ve built.   This is our chance to make the Strategic Plan’s vision for our downtown come to life.”

The new bylaw allows the city to start work on a community improvement plan (CIP) for the identified area to spur Main Street-appropriate development.  CIPs, as noted in a report to City Council, can include a range of programs and financial tools.  The plan to be proposed for the Main Street district will aim to encourage development that contributes to a vibrant, people-friendly area, as well as the infrastructure necessary to support it.  The City’s policies on CIPs are a part of Mississauga’s Official Plan.

The new bylaw accompanied legislation required to implement the new planning framework for Downtown Mississauga.  At the February 20, 2013 City Council meeting, staff was directed to bring the legislation to Council.  Amendments to the Official Plan, a new Downtown Core Local Area Plan, a zoning amendment bylaw and new built form standards were approved by Council at their meeting on March 6, 2013.  

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