Downtown Niagara Falls BIA asks City for $30K to repaint entrance arches

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Published June 25, 2021 at 7:53 pm


Citing the post-COVID-19 tourist surge expected in the downtown core, the Downtown Niagara Falls Business Improvement Association (BIA) is asking the City for $30,000.

In a letter to the City, the BIA said they needed the grant to spruce up the entrance arches to the downtown core as they were starting to hear complaints.

“To continue the positive momentum of revitalization, the BIA would like to repaint our downtown arches,” said Ron Charbonneau, Chair of the Niagara Falls Downtown Board of Management.

“Since their initial installation, the arches have not been painted, and the BIA has sought several quotes from vendors, with the average price being $30,000,” he continued.

“Over the past several months, the BIA has received numerous complaints about the current state of the arches, which at eye level are peeling and/or rusted due to posters and signs being wrapped on the poles. Near the base of the pole, the paint is fading due to snow removal and winter salting operations.”

In the past year, Carbonneau added, the Downtown BIA had created a new website, online presence and branding campaign. The new marketing efforts have included new banners and a 100 per cent increase in flowers from the previous year.

Their request is currently circulating the appropriate departments within Niagara Falls City Hall.

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Niagara Falls BIA

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