Doug Ford Just Unveiled New Ontario Signs For The People


Published October 26, 2018 at 10:38 pm


If you have been an avid follower of the new provincial government under Ontario Premier Doug Ford, you’ve either been riveted and impressed or shocked and horrified so far as to what he has done.

Sometimes the policies he has enacted are serious (such as cancelling an expected minimum wage increase or cancelling climate change initiatives) while other surprisingly make a lot of sense (such as requiring post secondary institutions to implement guidelines of what constitutes free speech).

And sometimes there are things that just seem mundane and driven by rhetoric, such as today when Ford attended the Ontario Economic Summit and unveiled some new signage for the province.

“We’re cutting red tape to help businesses create good jobs & putting up big signs at our border to let everyone know Ontario is open for business!”, Ford tweeted, referring to a familiar slogan he has used on the campaign trail and in his first few months in office.

If anyone should know a thing or two about branding through signage, it’s Ford, whose family has owned Deco Labels and Tags for decades, a business started up by Ford’s father, Doug Ford Sr.

Say what you will about the previous Liberal government, but when they planned to unveil signs it was for specific purposes, such as assurance signage for people driving east on the 401 so they know that they were approaching Mississauga.

Besides, the “open for business” tag line has been thrown around so many times, it hardly means anything concrete anymore. If you want to attract people to your province or your city, you might as well make it more intuned with current trends for popular culture.

Header photo courtesy of Twitter / @FordNation

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