Don’t let dog poop, oil and soap into Mississauga waterways, residents told


Published March 22, 2023 at 4:45 pm

With warmer weather and melting snow on the way, Mississauga officials are cautioning residents to be careful what they let into catch basins near their homes as the runoff winds up in the city’s waterways and Lake Ontario.

Whether washing or fixing cars on their driveways or walking the dog more often as warmer spring temperatures arrive, residents are being told to keep oil and soap from draining onto the road and to throw dog waste in the garbage.

Household waste that cannot be left at the curb should be taken to a recycling centre.

“What goes in catch basins flows into our waterways,” City of Mississauga officials said via Twitter, adding that being careful is the best way to protect both the water system and the wildlife that call the water areas home.

Mississauga officials make a point of cautioning residents in this way several times a year, noting that people could end up inadvertently polluting the city’s water system.

“Did you know water that runs off your property can collect pollution on the ground as it flows onto the street and into the catch basins?” the City posted earlier. “It then enters local creeks/rivers and eventually Lake Ontario, which is our main source of drinking water.”

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