Doner kebab chain opens Mississauga location


A doner kebab chain with a Quebec influence has opened a location in Mississauga.

Champion Doner Kebab is serving a German-Turkish halal menu at a location at 2555 Dixie Rd., near Dundas Street. The new store opened June 8. The chain’s other Southern Ontario location is in Vaughan.

Doner kebab, according to Wikipedia, is a forerunner to donairs, gyros and shawarma. Like shawarma, the meat is sliced thinly from a vertical rotisserie grill, and can be part of a pita, flatbread sandwich or plate, sometimes on top of of bed of fries. Meats and vegetables can also be place on a pide, which is a boat-shaped flatbread.

Doner kebab is one of Germany’s most popular street foods.

Prices for a plate start at $10.95 for falafel and range up to $16.95 for the iskender plate.

The chain opened its first store in Montreal in 1995 and has nine locations in Quebec. As a tribute to its Canadian launch point, Champion Doner Kebab also serves a “MTL Plate” which combines doner kebab, cheese and fries, somewhat like poutine.

It can be followed on Instagram at @championdoner.

(Photo via Champion Doner.)

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