Dog Saves Canadians from Bug-Infested Statues at Pearson Airport


There are a few things in this world that are undeniably scary—natural disasters, incurable diseases, nuclear and weapons and, last but not least, bugs.

Bugs—even the harmless ones that don't bite—are minuscule monsters who really do hide under your bed and in your closet.

But thankfully for all of us in Mississauga and beyond, a very brave dog has kept us safe from some nasty little beasties.

According to a recent Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) news release, a heroic detector dog and his partner prevented an item infested with foreign insects from entering the country earlier this month.

The CBSA reports that on Oct. 6, a CBSA Detector Dog Service (DDS) officer and his canine partner Scout were patrolling the baggage carousel at Terminal One of the Toronto Pearson International Airport when Scout started sniffing two wrapped packages that had arrived on a flight from Brussels.

The traveller and packages were referred for secondary examination.

During inspection, officers found two wooden statues with animal horns, shells, feathers, bone, claws, and other fibres attached. Upon further inspection, the officers noted that the statues had visible signs of insect infestation. The traveller was counselled about the requirement to declare all food, plant, animals and related products and the statues were seized.

While service and working dogs are often adorable, it's important to remember that they provide a valuable service. The CBSA says travellers are often unaware foreign and animal products may damage Canada's food supply, economy, environment and human health.

Every traveller entering Canada is reminded that he or she must declare all goods, including food, plants, animals and related products and ensure they meet all import requirements.

Thanks to Scout, we are safe from bugs for another day.

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