Dog rescued from hot car, police declare Brampton pooch #AGoodBoy


Published May 25, 2021 at 8:05 pm


Although it turned out fine, a Brampton resident was still concerned enough about seeing a dog locked in a car to report it.

Peel Regional Police investigated the incident at Hurontario St. and Mayfield Rd., but found the dog to be in good health and released him to his owner.

The police report observed the dog to be #AGoodBoy.

Here are some hot weather tips for pet owners from The Humane Society of Canada.

Signs that an animal may be suffering from the heat include heavy panting, difficulty breathing, vomiting, collapse, increased pulse rate, anxious or staring expression, salivating, weakness, lack of coordination and convulsions.

Animals suffering from the heat can be cooled down and helped by removing the animal from the hot surroundings; applying cool water to the animal’s skin by spraying him/her or immersing the animal up to their head in water; allowing the animal to rest in a cool place with small amounts of cold water to drink and seeking immediate veterinary attention.

You can significantly reduce the chances of your animal companion suffering from the heat by not leaving pets in a parked vehicle during warm or sunny weather for any reason – leave them at home.

Don’t leave pets unsupervised outside on warm days for any reason – leave them indoors as much as possible.

Ensure pets always have access to plenty of clean, fresh water in a non-spillable water bowl.

Pets should always be kept in safe areas where they have adequate ventilation and good protection from the sun.

Don’t allow your pets to overexert themselves. On hot days try walking them in the early morning and/or in the evening when it is cooler.

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