Do You Underperform at Work?

Published May 15, 2018 at 5:15 pm


Slow workers make any business run slow.

Don’t think so?

Underperforming employees take up too much of a company’s time getting coached.

New research by global staffing firm Robert Half asked CFOs in Canada to estimate the time spent on training their low-performing employees.

Turns out, the answer is just over eight hours of a 40-hour work-week, or 21 per cent.

Further, finance executives said that such hiring mistakes affect team morale.

Nineteen per cent answered that it greatly affects morale, 68 per cent said it somewhat affects it, seven per cent said no and another seven per cent didn’t answer or didn’t know.

“When it comes to establishing and maintaining a collaborative, productive and engaged work environment, the right employees make all the difference. Unfortunately, so can the wrong ones,” said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half.

But, there’s no problem that doesn’t have a solution.

So, to ensure the right employees are hired, you need an excellent hiring strategy.

The staffing firm lists out the best practices.

Don’t use job boards
Most employers get flooded with applications. Instead, maximize your chances of hiring top performers by asking employee referrals, peek into your network – someone always knows someone or work with recruiters.

Hire to fit
It’s important that new hires do the technical work well, but do they fit into your team and corporate culture? Ensure that the company’s and the team’s values match.

Give them their worth
Top performers know what they deserve. Offering an above average compensation will ensure that they stay with your company.

Don’t skip the reference check
Who loves to call strangers for information? But it’s still one of the best practices. Resume lies are on the rise, so it’s best to check if the job seekers are who they say they are.

Now that you know what recruiters are looking for, start polishing your resume (take out all the lies) and check in with friends if their employers are hiring.

It always helps to know someone!

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