Did You Know You Can Request TV Shows and Movies on Netflix?

Published July 10, 2018 at 11:19 pm


So, you’re home from work or school, or binge-watching shows on a lazy Sunday, using the ever-handy streaming service Netflix. It’s a common situation.

Most of us have a Netflix subscription or mooch off of someone else’s, after all, right?

You flip on the TV or power up your laptop.

You log into Netflix.

You mosey on over to the search bar to find a show or a movie you’ve been wanting to watch for days.


…it’s. Not. There!

It’s happened to countless Netflix subscribers (and moochers), and it’ll likely keep happening. While Netflix releases new shows and movies on the service every month, there are a lot of titles that still don’t exist on the streaming giant.

But we have a life hack for you, so don’t give up hope just yet.

Netflix Canada actually has a page where you can request TV shows or movies that you can’t find on the service.

And you can request up to three titles at a time.

Netflix actually reviews your suggestions, and they help the company decide what to stream next. If a title is popular enough amongst viewers’ suggestions, it might actually go up on the service.

“If you’ve already submitted a request for a title, you can sit back and relax – we’ve received your feedback and there’s nothing more for you to do,” reads Netflix’s website.

“We keep track of all requests from our members, so there’s no need to request a title more than once.”

So if you have some epic content suggestions for Netflix, you can submit them directly to the service!

Grab some popcorn, get your friends together, and submit some awesome titles.

Click here to submit your TV show and movie suggestions to Netflix.

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