Did KFC Just Launch the Best Gift Ever for Dads?

Published June 14, 2018 at 5:56 pm


Does your dad love fried chicken yet you’re still struggling to decide what gift to purchase?

Kill two birds with one stone, as they say.

KFC Canada is launching the world’s first ever ‘Bucket Björn’ (yes, that’s correct, like the ones used for babies) just in time for Father’s Day.

We know some dads are lazy.

Well, now they don’t have to exert themselves carrying around a bucket of fried chicken.

The $50 Bucket Björn will make the bond between dads and chicken that much stronger.

Let your dad strut around in style. The Björn has wide, padded shoulder and hip straps to secure the bucket.

It also has a sauce pocket and a napkin dispenser, although dad is surely going to lick his fingers clean instead.

But it’s always good to have some napkins handy, no?

“Whether you’re sitting on the dock, playing a round of golf, or taking in a ballgame this weekend, the KFC Bucket Björn keeps fathers close to their bucket wherever they go,” said Danielle Ruggles, Associate Manager, Digital Media & Advertising, KFC Canada. 

Can you imagine dad doing his chores around the house, bucket strapped to his torso? We sure can!

You can buy this present online and it’s only around until June 16.

Photo courtesy of KFC Canada

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