Dating and debating: Canadian app encourages singles to go toe-to-toe


Published October 22, 2020 at 12:02 am


A popular dating app has launched a new video survey feature that gives singles a platform to debate divisive topics.

Spark, a dating app that launched in Canada last summer, is launching the  ‘Change My Mind’ feature that enables singles to upload a 20-second video stating their opinion on a popularly divisive topic (such as one of the aforementioned ones), and other users can respond with a video of their own.

The new feature was developed in response to many users’ belief that debate plays a key role in determining compatibility.

One of Spark’s recent surveys found 82 per cent of Canadian singles said they are more attracted to people with passionate opinions.

The same survey found 70 per cent of respondents said they enjoy debating light-hearted topics with a date, while 73 per cent consider debating with someone to be a form of flirting.

Based on the findings, when it comes to the more contentious debate topics, 56 per cent of respondents said they believe watching a hockey game is a great date idea, 59 per cent said they believe pineapple belongs on pizza, 60 per cent believe dogs are better than cats, and 71 per cent believe in love at first sight.

Moreover, many respondents believe these kinds of ‘debates’ are an important part of determining compatibility between two people—54 per cent of those surveyed said they believe successful relationships require shared opinions; such as TV shows and food preferences.

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